Our Products

Our production consists of:

  • Essential oil of Helichrysum italicum also called immortelle from Corsica (meaning everlasting flower). Distillation of the flowering tops thanks to steam delivers an essential oil with exceptional properties. It helps reducing bumps and hematomas which makes it necessary for everyday life bruises. It is effective on the circulatory system for instance to reduce varicose veins and therefore it is widely used in face care products mainly because of its antioxidant capacity. Weather, sunshine and rich soil in Corsica give the essential oil its unparalleled quality. Such quality can be found in the analysis reports.
  • Essential oil of Rosemary Verbenone, an emblematic plant from our island. It is essentially used to ease digestion or to decongest the airway.

Our essential oils are 100% natural and pure, unaltered and undiluted and also organic certified.

To learn more about properties and precautions for use (route of administration, dose …), please consult a health professional.

Our products are available to wholesale or semi-wholesale for professionals. Please feel free to contact us for any further information.

Part of our production of Helichrysum essential oil is dedicated on sale in vials of glass in short circuit in some points of sale in Corsica. Please contact us to know about our partners.